Who We Are

We are a community of residents who live in the quadrant bounded on the west by the Don Valley Pkwy/404., on the north by Van Horne Ave., on the east by Victoria Park Ave. and on the south by Sheppard Ave. East.

We have been brought together through common concerns about what is going on in our neighbourhood regarding transit and development (intensification).  We have had a number of changes foisted upon us without proper consultation, e.g. LRT and over-intensification through high rise developments all along Sheppard Avenue

We have a Basement flooding mitigating construction going on in our area.  At times these activities can interfere with our normal day to day activities and then with proper notification, we can ensure that it is kept in check.  For instance, our President contacted the Councillor and was instrumental in changing  the water shut off day from the Easter weekend to an alternate day in April 2013.  

We want to have a strong voice in the changes that are coming to our area and we feel the best way to do this is through a united effort.  If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with us (infobrianvillage@gmail.com)

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect our neighbourhood from unwanted and unnecessary changes that will negatively impact our way of life. We trust that through proper representation and timely intervention we will be able to have some input into decisions that affect all of us.

We would also like to be to get to know who our neighbours are and to become more cohesive as a community.

We Are Welcoming New Members!
Download the membership form below, complete it and drop off to 87 Endsleigh Crescent with your $10.00 cheque. You will be issued a receipt in the mail.

Thank you for your support!

The Team

Note from Marilyn Renzetti our Senior Executive:
How do you feel about the LRT platform preventing emergency response vehicles from free access to left hand turns, requiring them to drive to the nearest

intersection and make a U- turn ?

Are you prepared to have 10,000 more residents living along Sheppard Avenue between the 404 and Victoria Park?  With all of the proposed building this number will rise to 19,000!
How do you feel about our community being subjected to 43 storey high rises when Bayview Village and the Beach have only low to mid rise buildings?
We understand that the LRT platform and shelter at Consumers Road will be 300 to 400 metres long, the length of about 4 subway trains. we also hear that emergency vehicles
will not be allowed to make left hand turns but will have to make U-turns at the next intersection.

Note from Divya Nayak, President Brian Village Association:
How does an LRT benefit us? If you think about it, we are losing our median – a safety for pedestrians crossing our streets.
An LRT emerging in the middle of Sheppard Avenue in front of the existing Petro Canada gas station west of Consumer Road and thereafter continuing eastward towards Morningside above ground on Sheppard. How does this affect our left turn signal for Brian Drive?
We collected over 1700 signatures to petition our elected representatives to reconsider the mode of transit that is suggested for Sheppard Avenue East.
We met with Councillor Shelley Carroll and consulted with her on LRT and intensification concerns and  issues that we feel will have a negative impact on our neighbourhood.  We have submitted our petitions to our Councillor Shelley Carroll to present it to the City Council. We also submitted the petitions for the legislative assembly to our MPP Michael Coteau to present in the Legislative Assembly.

We ask that we residents, be involved to a certain extent in the decisions that are made for our neighbourhood. (information provided by Marilyn Renzetti)

We take pride in our neighbourhood and the facilities that we have- A great Community Centre, Tennis facilities, Library, open parks, wide and treed sidewalks, clean and well kept neighbourhoods, Catholic and public schools and a French immersion school as well. A mall and subway that you can walk to (If you want, and weather permitting). We trust with the help of our Councillor, we will get the right transit solutions as well!

We trust that we will be successful in protecting our quiet and peaceful residential neighbourhood and ensure that we and our children can continue to have the quality lifestyle that we have been privileged and accustomed to.

What do you think? Become a member, share your concerns and suggestions that can make our neighbourhood more cohesive, green and safe!



Annual Community BBQ

Come join us at our Annual Community BBQ for an afternoon of fun! There will be a magician, raffles, food, drinks and more. It is also a great time to meet your neighbours!

When: Saturday August 17,  1 pm – 3 pm
Where: Pleasantview Tennis Club (35 Kathrose Drive – Behind Brian Public School, in Clydesdale Park)

Please click here for more information.

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